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Cloud Cybersecurity

The cloud is a dynamic environment and it needs specialized cloud-based cybersecurity solutions. Because WT knows security, we understand the differences between cloud security and cloud cybersecurity. We offer enhanced cloud cybersecurity in addition to WT’s Secure Cloud.

Through native cloud integration, WT cloud cybersecurity supports all major public clouds and on-premise private cloud platforms. WT’s cloud cybersecurity experts ensure that not only are all your mission critical assets secure, but that your cloud security is manageable.

What is cloud cybersecurity?

Cloud cybersecurity includes security technology and processes that secure your cloud from internal and external cybersecurity threats. In many ways, cloud cybersecurity is IT cybersecurity. However, the cloud is a robust environment. It needs specialized cybersecurity solutions tailored for the cloud. That’s why WT goes further in offering enhanced cloud cybersecurity products and services.

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