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IT and Security Consulting

WYZDOM Technologies offers a wide range of strategic IT consulting and Security risk mitigation solutions

Our team of highly skill experts and consultants assist our clients with their demanding requirements.

Our pillars are based on:


WE provide and develop a cybersecurity assessment strategy unique to our clients business

Most organizations struggle with designing, implementing, and sustaining a cybersecurity program that consistently produces the outcomes needed most by the business. The underlying causes for ineffective programs can be complex, but typically they all point to the lack of a balanced, disciplined, and business-aligned strategy for doing the right things, doing things the right way, and delivering the right outcomes.

WT has developed a unique approach to cybersecurity strategy that blends the proven principles of business strategy planning and management with the ever-evolving art of cybersecurity program design, governance and execution. The Strategy+ framework analyzes the key business dynamics that shape an organization’s cybersecurity strategy, so a tailored program can be developed that repeatedly delivers the outcomes most valued by their stakeholders.

Third-party risk management

All businesses rely on third-party service providers, and third-party risk Assessment (TPRA) has never been more important than it is today. In fact, regulated industries like financial services and healthcare have long been required to test and report on the effectiveness of their vendor risk management programs. In-house security teams need to be able to create information security standards for suppliers, identify and classify vendors according to risk, and update contracts to ensure cyber issues are properly addressed.

WT’s TPRA program design and development service helps you define the foundational concepts for starting a TPRM program from scratch. We’ll help you:

  • Build a core team.
  • Complete a full inventory of third-party contractors.
  • Collect and standardize contracts.
  • Define vendor security requirements.
  • Select and implement TPRM software.
  • Implement, measure and report TPRA results to executive management.

Through our TPRA services, we can also assist you with customizing a vendor security questionnaire, analyzing and scoring responses, and working with your vendors on remediation activities. In addition, our assessors can perform on-site audits for third parties that require the extra level of assurance provided by inspection

Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber resilience encompasses an organization’s ability to continuously serve its clients regardless of the cyber events it faces. The foundational elements of establishing and maintaining cyber resilience is understanding the current cyber risk posture, identifying its desired cyber risk posture, and developing a roadmap to ensure cyber risk reduction and overall enterprise cyber risk management.

Organizations must take a structured approach to identify assets, business processes, and controls that support continuous delivery of services. Once identified, the threats, vulnerabilities, and procedural weaknesses need to be analyzed for potential impact on the organization. From here, the organization can understand its current risk posture, allow management to make informed decisions on risk treatment and support its journey toward true cyber resilience.

Enterprise risk assessment for enhancing cyber resilience

At WT our approach to assessing enterprise risk delivers an evidence-based analysis of your organization’s current cyber risk posture, a prioritized risk treatment roadmap, and the data management for making informed decisions on cyber risk reduction investments.

Our reports highlight the assets, business processes, and technologies representing the greatest risk, treatment options, and anticipated residual risk once items are remediated. This approach enables you to improve your overall cyber risk posture and enhance your cyber resilience.

Collaborating with your stakeholders, leadership, and business owners, our consultants will:

  • Identify the assets critical to your organization’s ability to deliver services.
  • Analyze the protective and detective controls supporting the organization.
  • Define the cyber risk, potential for loss, disruption, exposure, or corruption of those assets, measured in terms of annualized loss expectancy (quantitative, semi-quantitative, or qualitative).
  • Describe your organization’s risk posture.
  • Develop prioritized recommendations and a roadmap for risk treatment.
  • Create a risk register and action plan for ongoing management of cyber risk.
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